Thursday, February 26, 2009

So I took a little drive to Guymon, my home town and the location of my parents, to hang out for the weekend.  My uncle and little (I believe he is 9) cousin Christopher are visiting from Midland Tx.  to hang out and take care of some business.  This is my uncle Dave who is my dad's younger brother and who is also part of the reason I am doing art.  Once upon a time he gave me a collection of "Draw 50" books that fueled the fire.  I thought more on the way home about an idea I have wanted to do that is a series of drawings of symbols that have seemed to find their way into my life.  Instead of simply drawing them I would do a series of progressive drawings as if to show how to draw the image step-by-step, just as in the Draw 50 books.  I plan on dabbling with that more later.  Anyway, I also had time to think a lot about future plans to start an Art Collaborative space and of doing a lead sculpture of 2-dimensional mixed media piece I did a few years ago called "Hope is for the Birds."  It is nice to have ideas continually flowing.  It would be even better if I had time to actually execute them.  Soon and very soon.  Here' s an image of the piece I just mentioned.  Anyway, Christopher is such a creative kid so I am looking forward to spending time with him.  Maybe I can be to him what his dad is to me.

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