Friday, December 26, 2008

Emergent show follow up

The Emergent Show Opening at Mainsite Gallery on December 13th went great!  The walk in Norman was going on, so despite the cold there was a great crowd.  The show runs until January 31st so be sure to check out my work and the other artists work before the show comes down.  I have really enjoyed were the work for this show has taken me and I have big plans for upcoming work. In order to begin that work I am really hoping people will check out my newly revamped website that will feature new merchandise, including new t-shirts, scarfs, prints and more.  For now be sure to go to the website and look around at past work and check out my store as it is now.  There is also a link to the Mainsite website which tells more about the show I was involved in and others to come.  This is such a great space so if you have not checked it out you need too!  Happy Holidays!