Friday, December 26, 2008

Emergent show follow up

The Emergent Show Opening at Mainsite Gallery on December 13th went great!  The walk in Norman was going on, so despite the cold there was a great crowd.  The show runs until January 31st so be sure to check out my work and the other artists work before the show comes down.  I have really enjoyed were the work for this show has taken me and I have big plans for upcoming work. In order to begin that work I am really hoping people will check out my newly revamped website that will feature new merchandise, including new t-shirts, scarfs, prints and more.  For now be sure to go to the website and look around at past work and check out my store as it is now.  There is also a link to the Mainsite website which tells more about the show I was involved in and others to come.  This is such a great space so if you have not checked it out you need too!  Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quick update

Well I have been working non-stop preparing for the upcoming show at Mainsite in Norman on Dec. 5th.  I am attempting a lot of processes I have never tried before such as lead casting, glass casting and lost wax mold making.  I have had successes and failures but am learning daily!  I hope to have some images posted of me working in my studio on recent work and the beginnings of future work.  Please subscribe to my blog and I will attempt to do a better job to fill you all in on my process and where I am at with all of this and take the time to check out my website and purchase merchandise on my online store for the holiday!  Thanks for supporting me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The beginning...

It seems so crazy to me that you can know so much about someone you have never met.  That is how I perceive blogging and oddly enough, something about that is attractive.  In past artwork I have used old photos of people I will never get to meet because they are long gone.  I will never have the chance to hear there stories, experience their pain or laugh at their jokes.  This is the exact opposite.  The people who read this will get to experience me before they get to fabricate their own stories. Everything is based on a truth.  
I will try my best to expose the thoughts behind my artwork and keep those who read up to date with pieces and projects I have going on.  I have a hard time writing and speaking about my work, especially face to face with people.  Hopefully this will be a way to really dig inside myself and write clearly about what my work means to me.  So this is the beginning...